Recruitment Services

Demand for quantitative research and technology specialists in the financial and technology fields has soared in lockstep with the growth of high-volume, data-driven trading. We have a record of success in delivering superior candidates and guidance to a spectrum of successful startups and established financial and trading firms. Our global contacts and extensive knowledge of organizational cultures allows us to connect the most qualified candidates with the best opportunities.

Portfolio Management

As available data sources expand beyond fundamental and technical factors, the demand for Portfolio Managers has surged. Our clients, ranging from startups to well known investment managers seed and hire experienced and emerging Portfolio Managers. These Portfolio Managers have proven records overseeing a wide array of quantitative trading specialties, including statistical arbitrage, quantitative equities, high frequency, and relative value trading.

Quantitative Research

The quantitative trading space continues to expand into new markets and unique data sets. Our clients range from startups to major investment management firms that have data and technology at the core of their business. IA works closely with our clients to refine their needs and introduce them to quantitative research professionals, both on the senior and junior sides of their careers. Our clients have interest in quants with experience and expertise gleaned both inside and outside of the quantitative trading industry.


Technology is at the core of our clients' businesses. As technology continues to advance, IA works to help our clients understand how their competitors are evolving and what our clients need to do to stay a cut above in this fast-changing market. Through our executive search services, we work to find software architects and engineers in the high-performance computing arena who will work to create and manage highly distributed, large-scale infrastructures used by portfolio managers, quantitative researchers, and other trading specialists. Our clients have an interest in technologists coming from both inside and outside of the quantitative trading industry and who enjoy working in fast production cycles.


Our global reach and rich background in recruitment enable us to provide advice to both our clients and candidates at the leadership level. From CTO to COO, our extensive industry knowledge and relationships have made us successful in these management level searches. We are proud of the positive and significant impact we have on our clients’ businesses, and on the candidates with whom we match them.

Recruitment Services